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Editorial experience

All your content editors needs in one CMS

Standard content and media types

Get your starter kit to deliver engaging digital experiences right out of the box. It includes standard content types such as "page", "news", "event" and "employee". It allows you to easily create content pages with simple text or multimedia elements, using standard media types like files, images, videos (local or remote) or social media posts.

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Ready-to-use content sections

Forget about building from scratch. Ready-to-use content sections are like building blocks for creating attractive and organised digital content. The starter kit of our CMS solution includes a library of the most common content sections, which allows you to save time and effort in designing consistent and compelling layouts.

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Drag-and-drop functionality

There is no need for technical knowledge. Easily create visually appealing content layouts, using the user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality. Simply choose the element, then drag and drop it into the desired position. This intuitive and interactive method simplifies the content creation process, making complex tasks simpler and more accessible.

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User-friendly interface

Avoid frustration with content creation. The user-friendly interface of our CMS solution includes clear language, well-organised layouts, logical navigation, ensuring intuitive flow, minimising confusion and enhancing usability. Additional tooltips provide instant context and guidance, helping users to understand the functionality and required actions.

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Feature-rich CKEditor 5

CKEditor 5 is a modern and powerful rich text editor. CKEditor 5 provides a range of features, including a user-friendly interface, customizable toolbar, flexible media management and different formatting options. Its modular architecture also allows you to tailor its functionality to specific project needs.

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Real-time frontend editing

Build your content directly in context and get immediate visual feedback. Frontend editing functionality enhances the content creation process by providing a more visual way to make changes. It allows you to update content, experiment with layouts, formats and styles directly from the frontend interface and in real time.

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Custom content templates

Easily create custom templates for any content type. Build custom layouts, pre-defining content fields (headings, texts, images, etc.), formats and other settings for your pages. It gives you the possibility to populate template fields with demo content to significantly reduce the time and effort required to create the new content.

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Content revisions

Do not lose previous versions of your work during the editing process. Our CMS solution automatically saves each iteration of your content revisions. Whether you're making minor adjustments or substantial changes, you can easily compare and revert to earlier versions. All your progress is preserved and accessible whenever you need it.

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Integrated module for SEO optimization

Easily customise and adjust the meta tags on each page to improve search engine visibility. From basic tags such as meta titles and descriptions to advanced tags and robots directives, including canonical link elements and hreflang settings for international SEO, as well as social media sharing tags such as Open Graph and Twitter Card.

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Customizable webforms

Design and create webforms that align with your specific needs. With our customizable webforms, you have complete freedom to build from simple contact forms to complex web surveys, integrating custom-made fields that reflect your brand identity. Get the information you want in the way you want it.

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Form customise

Cropping and focal point

Control the composition and focus of your images. This functionality allows you to adjust the aspect ratio of any uploaded image to fit specific layouts and emphasise the central point of interest within an image. It helps you to create a more balanced image composition, ensuring that the most critical element always remains visible regardless of how the image is cropped or resized.

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More features and functionalities out-of-the-box

Themes and layouts builder

Duplicate image detection

Responsive image styles

User roles and permissions


Custom workflows

User login history



Content validation

Scheduled publishing

Sitemap XML module


Automatic URL aliases

Easy redirect management

Quick node clone

Internal admin search "Coffee"

Highly customizable


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