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Powerful site search

When it comes to building websites, making things easy for users is a key. Our decoupled search is a game-changer, completely transforming the approach how websites handle search functionality. 

The solution is built on the Search API Decoupled ecosystem that we maintain on

This approach allows to build lightning fast searches that can handle lots of visitors without slowing down because it is built as a client side search solution.

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Search applications delivered with our CMS are fully customizable on the backend. 

Besides powerful indexing, the layout of the search can be configured in the backend. Below are two examples how search display can be configured.

On the frontend an open-source Javascript application handles the search.

Search with field rendering

Decoupled search can be configured to return individual content fields such as title, text, and image. Any client side search application can render these fields in a custom layout.

Try the the search application with content fields here:

Search with pre-rendered cards

The design system deliverd with our solution contains various cards to render content. The rendered content can be indexed and returned at the search endpoint. Instead of rendering fields, the cards can be directly rendered.

Try the sarch application with pre-rendered cards here:

Using decoupled search feature
We divide the process of search into two main tasks:

Finding the Products

One part of the system is really good at searching through all the items in the library. It quickly finds the items that match what you're looking for, like a super-fast librarian who knows exactly where each book is located.

Displaying the Results

The other part of the system takes the items that were found and arranges them nicely on your screen, so you can see them easily. It's like a neat and organized display shelf in a store.

Reliable performance, no matter what 

When your website experiences a surge in visitor traffic, the search function will continue to operate seamlessly. 

For large data sets the search index can be off-loaded to external search backends such as Elastic, Solr, Azure Cognitive Search, Opensearch, and more.

The search itself remains unaffected by the increased activity, ensuring that it maintains its optimal performance without any slowdowns or disruptions. Your users can rely on consistent and efficient search results, regardless of how busy your website becomes.

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