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Content features

A starting point for your digital content

Content types

By default we provide the content types Basic page, News page, Events page, and Employee out-of-the-box.
Below are some demo pages to test the functionality.

Basic Page Preview

Create core content for your digital experiences.

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News Page Preview

Report on current news, press releases or trends.

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Event Page Preview

Promote upcoming events, conferences or workshops.

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Our highlights

Powerful tracking and analytics

Our CMS easily integrates with tracking and analytics tools allow you to gain valuable insights to make data-driven decisions on your content and marketing strategy.

More about tracking and analytics

Tracking and analytics

Integrated design system

Our powerful design system combined with Storybook helps you to ensure consistent branding, control of corporate design and complete governance of your digital experiences.

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Design system preview

Complex multi-content-search

Our powerful multi-content-search allows you to easily search and retrieve information from a variety of sources, delivering search results at high speed and in an user-friendly interface.

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Search system
Content sections

The CMS provides 90% of the standard functionality out-of-the-box. Below you find example pages for each of the content features available.

accordion preview

Present content in a compact and structured way, from FAQs to product details.

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Person reading on phone

Use custom entities to create reusable content like cards or quotes.

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facts figures preview

Display facts and figures in a clear and attractive way with integrated animation.

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downloads preview

Make your downloadable content organised and easily accessible to your users.

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forms preview

Create customisable webforms, from simple contact forms to complex web surveys.

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gallery preview

Create and manage responsive image galleries to display your visual content.

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grid preview

Combine your images, text or multimedia elements in responsive grid layouts.

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headline preview

Organise your content and maintain a consistent formatting style for your headlines.

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Browser windows inside of browser windows

Add iframes to embed other content resources.

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images preview

Refine the presentation of your images to enhance your visual storytelling.

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media text preview

Combine media with textual content to provide context to your visual elements.

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on page preview

Allow your users to easily navigate through the different sections of your content.

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slideshow preview

Combine different content sections to create dynamic and responsive slideshows.

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Social media

Connect your social media accounts and share your posts across multiple platforms.

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Person reading

Organise content in horizontal or vertical tabs.

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text preview

Create, structure and highlight your textual elements, using the powerful CKEditor 5.

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two columns preview

Structure your visual and textual content in a responsive two-column layout.

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video preview

Embed external videos or videos hosted on your own server within your content.

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Editorial experience

Explore the full potential of a seamless editorial experience.

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Under the hood

Explore the full range of technical capabilities.

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